10 Best Blockchain Twitter Accounts to Follow

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10 Best Blockchain Twitter Accounts to Follow

Blockchain technology is gaining immense popularity due to the security it promises along with many other advantages. Businesses have realized the importance of blockchain and the market it is expected to create in the coming years.

Blockchain is the future of business apps. So, business owners and app development companies need to keep up-to-date about developments going on across the globe in blockchain technology.

To know about the latest blockchain developments worldwide, the easiest way is to follow the Twitter accounts of blockchain experts, personalities, and organizations. Through their Twitter accounts, you can also track their feed that shares the latest news, information, and updates about blockchain.

Top Blockchain Twitter Accounts to Follow in 2020

Many organizations and blockchain experts worldwide share valuable information about blockchain and cryptocurrency in various forms including news articles, blogs, etc. Their Twitter accounts are the channel where they inform their followers about their latest activities along with that of others on similar topics that they found useful. So, this is the right place to stay connected with them.

So, here is a list of 10 good Twitter accounts including people and pages that you can follow to dive into the world of blockchain and gain useful information.

1. @blockchain

Blockchain.com is the place where you can get all the latest updates and information related to blockchain; @blockchain is the official Twitter account of blockchain.com and has more than 775,000 followers.

This page posts everything about blockchain. You can get the latest news about blockchain, cryptocurrency, etc. Here, you can also get information about the latest prices for cryptocurrency trading.

This Twitter account shares links to numerous resources related to blockchain that can be useful for those who wish to learn about blockchain and cryptocurrency or invest in the same.

2. @IBMBlockchain

@IBMBlockchain is the official Twitter account of the IBM Blockchain platform. This account is a great source of information on blockchain. It shares all the information that is added to the blockchain section of the company’s website.

This account, which has more than 72,000 followers, is a must-follow if you need to learn about blockchain and get news and updates on blockchain. The company’s website and Twitter account share all about blockchain, its use in various industries, the latest news, and important blockchain-related events.

By following this, you can get exposure to knowledge-packed conversations, stories, and opinions from the blockchain community.

3. @coindesk

CoinDesk is a world leader in bitcoin, crypto, and blockchain technology. It’s Twitter account @coindesk and website provide you with the latest news, prices, charts, guides, and analysis related to cryptocurrency.

Following this account will help you keep informed about cryptocurrency news and get rid of the myths around that result from a lack of awareness.

This Twitter account that has more than 829,000 followers, shares all the information added on their website including daily updates on pricing analytics for Bitcoin and Ethereum that can be of great help to the buyers.

4. @blockchainhub

The Twitter account @blockchainhub again is a useful hub for blockchain updates trackers. Here, you get to read good material and gain knowledge about blockchain and cryptocurrency. You also get links to the latest write-ups from their blog.

Their Twitter page shares news about the latest blockchain or related events that you can register. It posts about blockchain and its possible use-cases in various industries across the globe.

It is interesting to read their posts about everything trending in blockchain including the most-awaited Facebook Libra! You can also check out their latest tweets to know how informative and useful it is to follow them.

5. @Chain_Review

This Twitter account of Blockchain Review @Chain_Review has more than 180,000 followers. It exclusively offers blockchain news to include cryptocurrency, exchanges, bitcoin, related events, and more.

It regularly retweets and shares important news and blog posts from other sources like CoinTelegraph, Fix Network, Blockchain Daily, etc. too.

So, to stay connected with blockchain-related content, this Twitter account will be good to follow.

6. @hackernoon

Hackernoon is one of the best and most knowledgeable blogs on technology including cryptocurrency and blockchain. It has a separate section “cryptocurrency” where you can get a large pool of information related to blockchain.

It also shares interesting news about cryptocurrency and blockchain from across the globe. It updates its followers about events related to blockchain. It also provides interesting and useful statistics and analytics on blockchain and cryptocurrency including pricing.

By following its Twitter account @hackernoon that has more than 52,000 followers, you can also get information about good and informative programs and courses in blockchain and cryptocurrency running worldwide that can help people who are interested in learning more about blockchain.

7. @VitalikButerin

@VitalikButerin is the Twitter account of Vitalik Buterin who is the co-founder of Ethereum and Bitcoin Magazine. He is one of the most popular names in blockchain technology and related trends as he is the creator of the Ethereum network, its native cryptocurrency, and programming language. His Twitter account has more than 884,000 followers.

His introduction is enough to know how informative his Twitter account and his blog are. These are a library of technical information about blockchain, Ethereum, etc.

His simplistic blog full of information and guidance helps you gain knowledge. Overall, this is a Twitter account that any blockchain enthusiast must follow.

8. @aantonop

Andreas Antonopolous is an expert writer on blockchain and bitcoin. His Twitter account @aantonop has more than 503,000 followers. He is a best-selling author, speaker, educator, and blockchain and bitcoin expert.

Andreas is a teaching fellow for digital currencies at the University of Nicosia. He is a consultant on numerous bitcoin-related start-ups. He also hosts the Let’s Talk Bitcoin podcast.

This blockchain expert authored a technical guide on “Mastering Bitcoin” in 2014 that is considered one of the best technical guides on Bitcoin till now.

So, follow Andreas on Twitter and leverage the blockchain knowledge he shares!

9. @APompliano

Anthony Pompliano is another popular blockchain author who writes a daily newsletter analyzing crypto news for institutional investors. Anthony also runs two podcasts, “Off The Chain” and “Letters From Wall Street”.

He maintains his own blog where you get information, news, and updates about blockchain, bitcoin, and crypto. The blog is very informative with statistics and detailed information related to blockchain.

Anthony’s Twitter account @APompliano has more than 300,000 followers and it updates the followers about everything related to blockchain and also links to the posts on his blog. So, follow him to know more!

10. @laurashin

With more than 116,000 followers on Twitter, Laura Shin is a well-known crypto-journalist and producer of popular podcasts known as Unchained and Unconfirmed.

Laura offers great insights about blockchain and cryptocurrency and shares links to good material about blockchain and cryptocurrency including new books available, good blogs and bloggers, events, etc. Laura is also an author at Forbes.

Follow Laura Shin on Twitter and gather huge knowledge from her blog and podcasts.

Wrapping Up

Knowledge has no end and learning is a continuous process. Blockchain is a new technological innovation and people have numerous questions about how it can impact our future. Today is the right time to start learning about blockchain before it becomes a necessary part of our life.

These popular Twitter accounts listed above are an easy path to keep yourself aware and updated about what’s trending in blockchain.

So, follow these 10 Best Twitter accounts and become a blockchain expert!

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