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Take your business to new heights with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Mobile Apps for iOS and Android built around iBeacon and Eddystone.

We are a team of highly skilled and experienced developers, creators, and designers. Our app developers integrate Bluetooth smart in your products, hardware accessories, and build customized BLE apps as per the business requirements of our clients.

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Who is Blue Whale Apps?

Blue Whale Apps is one of the most popular Bluetooth App development company. We provide Mobile Apps and solutions for Bluetooth & Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) enabled devices.

Thus, we have been providing fast and secure BLE app development services for both small and large organizations and helping them achieve their business goals. Our in-house app development team crafted 50+ bespoke mobile applications for both Apple iOS products like the iPhone X and Android-powered smartphones such as Samsung Galaxy Edge, HTC One, Google Pixel, Sony Xperia, and many more.

Business Use Cases


    Help users use their smartphones to set and change equipment and wearables setup parameters. It allows them to receive and review data in the mobile application on a smartphone. Also, one can send data to a backend database  for processing purposes.


    Allow users to track real-time assets and equipment by using  Bluetooth beacon tags and a smartphone application. They can do this anywhere, including on-job sites and outside the office. Bluetooth beacon tags and Bluetooth mesh network make tracking assets inside large buildings of any type an easy task for the users.


    Help users in automatic tracking of employees’ time in and time out. Not only that, but it also tracks every single person’s location within the building. Create geofence areas to trigger alerts when anyone unauthorized visits a restricted zone in the building.


    Bluetooth beacons can help users with map-based directions in the absence of GPS in large indoor areas.  Moreover, they can receive relevant notifications sent to their smartphones Send based on their current location.


    Automated lighting management of scenes, scheduling, and brightness levels are now possible with smart lighting systems based on the Bluetooth mesh. It results in the most efficient use of power, low maintenance cost, and more employee interaction. Authorized employees can configure and control lighting systems with the help of Bluetooth mesh mobile apps. Thus, it saves their time and effort as they do not need to maintain calls or any special hardware.


    Multiple appliances like lighting, security, and HVAC system used in smart buildings are Bluetooth mesh-based.  You can use web-based software and mobile apps to control these complex appliances. It doesn’t require any additional hardware to do so. Moreover, you can create BLE mesh networks using a web dashboard. Also, you can use mobile applications to adjust and configure parameters on site.


    Modern facilities cannot survive without various sensors like temperature, humidity, vibration, pressure, CO2 content, ambient light, etc. These sensors help in the automatic maintenance of the correct environment. Not only that, they even alert the authorized person of any potential danger. You can use mobile applications to configure and control BLE mesh sensor networks. Besides, the mobile apps can read the data accumulated and even send them to the back-end database for processing purposes.


    The use of Bluetooth mesh is not limited to industrial facilities. There has been a growth in demands of Bluetooth mesh-based smart home systems in recent times. Because users can easily control heating, home lighting, air conditioning systems, and many more things with the Bluetooth mesh system, they like the concept of Bluetooth mesh technology. Having said so, anyone can configure and change these settings in the mobile apps without any technical help. For example, one can configure which switch is connected to which light or fan without the hassle of rewiring by an electrician.

Why Bluetooth App Development Services?


Low Power Consumption


Low Cost


Faster Connectivity


Global Availability


Engaging Experience for users


Increased Sales

Our Bluetooth App Development Services

We have been building BLE apps for healthcare wearables, indoor and outdoor navigation devices, retail systems, and many more. Find below the services we have been providing:


Home Automation Devices Control Apps


Smart Wearable Mobile Apps


Health Data Measurement Apps


Customize Firmware Upgrade Apps (OTA)


Sensor (Temperature, Humidity, etc.) Based Mobile Apps


Customize BLE Engineering Apps

Industries Using BLE Apps


Travel Industry


Social Networking Industry


Restaurant Industry


Real Estate Industry


News and Magazine




Healthcare Industry


Event Management Industry


Entertainment Industry


Educational Industry


Dating Industry


Car Booking




Booking and Ticket

Why Should You Choose Blue Whale Apps for BLE App Development Services?

  • Team of 100+ expert developers and designers
  • Successful completion of more than 50 BLE app projects
  • 24/7 support from business development managers
  • 10+ years’ experience in mobile app development

Success Stories

Trusted by leading brands including Fortune 500 enterprises and Silicon Valley startups


Spider Door: A digital Revolution for self storage industry.

Spider Door offers end-to-end 21st century digital solutions for Self-Storage industry. It’s portfolio of solutions includes Pay Bill, Rent Unit(s), Move-In, Move-Out, Open Gate, Report issues, Auto reminder for late payments and much more, all from the personalized native apps for iOS and Android.

It seamlessly integrates with customer’s existing gate software. All activities from the app automatically syncs back to the gate goftware and vice versa.

View Case Study


Health and wellness services at fingertips

SpiriLite is a one-of-a-kind platform that puts “Health and Wellness” services at the fingertips of its users. It’s an easy-to-use, configurable solution for service providers as well as service seekers, pairing the flexibility and convenience of an app with modern healthcare.

View Case Study


NACD-APRAXIA – Child Development App

NACD-APRAXIA is a popular mobile application that helps therapists and parents treat children with apraxia. NACD’s services are based on neurodevelopmental assessments for each of its clients.

View Case Study


Best in class UX work for one of the best entertainment network.

Fox Broadcasting Company is a US entertainment conglomerate that owns film studios, over-the-air TV stations, cable TV operations and more. Its activities are split among four segments: Filmed Entertainment, Television Stations, Television Broadcast Network, and Cable Network Programming. All work performed by Blue Whale Apps had to match Fox branding.

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Bluetooth App Development FAQ

The cost of BLE mobile(iOS/Android) application development depends on the nature of the development complexity. This means the types or numbers of features added in the BLE app solutions. So, the development cost can vary and start from $2000 and go beyond $80000.

The cost of Bluetooth devices starts from $15 to $20. It is expected to drop further in the coming years with widespread adoption and economies of scale.

Yes, we can develop Bluetooth apps that are compatible with multiple platforms like iOS, Android, and cross-platform.

The time frame for any application development depends on the client’s requirements and the complexity of the project. We keep you updated about the milestones that are achievable periodically.

We’ve built a dozen BLE-enabled apps, mostly healthcare providers to help them do the following tasks smoothly:

  • Conduct medical research
  • Operate healthcare sensors
  • Enhance remote patient monitoring experiences

iOS BLE apps development is easier than Android BLE apps. But Android BLE apps provide more flexibility.

Yes, you even get ready libraries there to help you make a BLE app faster.

We have been working with the latest technologies, tools, and platforms to design fast top-notch and secure BLE-based applications. Some of the common platforms we use are:

  • Language C#
  • Editor Xcode
  • Editor Visual Studio
  • Communication BLE
  • 3rd Party library Circular Slider
  • 3rd Party library Knob

Our team of skilled developers makes sure that your users get the best experience. Moreover, our years of experience and satisfied clients are reasons that have helped us gain trust and reliability in the market.

Client Say About us

Our diverse technology skills, innovative work approach, and industry experience are among the reasons our clients love working with us. Hear it from them.


They’re super helpful because I didn’t know anything about what goes into making an app.

Andrew Arno
Founder, Redban, LLC

I honestly couldn’t run my company without Blue Whale to develop and maintain our app.

Aaron Harwell
Owner, SpiderDoor LLC

We were pleasantly surprised by how well they did as an unknown entity in a specialized market.

Dr. David Holmes
Founder, Medical Device Firm

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