11 Best CRMs To Integrate With Your Next Mobile App 2023

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CRM or Customer Relationship Management Solutions are applications that help a company manage interactions with their potential or existing customers and understand them well. This helps improve business relationships with customers.

Good CRM solutions contribute to enhancing customer satisfaction and retention and thus improve sales. Multiple types of CRM solutions can be utilized by businesses to serve different business needs to include strategic needs, operational needs, and analytical needs.

Overall, CRMs help businesses manage customer data and utilize it better. According to a report from Conquerors Tech, CRMs will rule over the data management market and become the largest of all software markets by 2020.

According to the Forrester Research Survey, mobile CRM users experienced an 87% improvement in sales, a 77% boost in the productivity and efficiency of employees (front desk), a 74% increase in customer satisfaction, and a 73% improvement in business process efficiency (Source).

Top CRM Solutions for Your Business in 2023

Survey statistics show that the CRM market potential is growing at 12% annually and is projected to be $82 billion by 2025 (Source). This is due to the numerous benefits CRMs offer.

But, with so many options available in the market, how to choose the right CRM solution for your business? So, here is a list of the top and most popular CRM solutions that you can consider to improve your business!

1. Salesforce

Salesforce CRM is a highly customizable, multi-featured sales and marketing CRM. It enables tracking customer information and interactions from one place. It has useful features for lead management, marketing automation, sales data management, and partner management.

The key features of Salesforce CRM include the workflow builder, automated activity capture, and collaborative forecasting. To automate business processes, it provides Flow Builder that is a visual drag-and-drop tool. It allows the users to create workflows to ensure compliance or to just put repetitive actions on auto-pilot.

Another significant and useful feature is Salesforce’s artificial intelligence, Einstein. With this, users can sync their email and calendar to automate the recording of emails and events sent through Gmail.

Salesforce offers a free, entry-level plan with minimal features. Professional or paid plans start from $75 per month per user and offer impressive features and capabilities.

We are a leading salesforce app development company in Virginia. We have been helped a number of enterprises, medium and small businesses to deploy, implement, customize their Salesforce CRM.

2. Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a multi-featured CRM that offers activity dashboard, collaboration tools, configurable workflow, contact history, document management, gamification, goal setting/tracking, lead management, lead scoring, Microsoft Outlook integration, opportunity management, permission management, pipeline management, real-time analytics, realtime data, realtime reporting, social media integration, territory management, and workflow management.

This CRM solution helps connect email, calendar, and contact data with its Outlook/Exchange sync feature. It offers Excel online integration that helps users to edit CRM data using Excel. Also, the PowerBI dashboards in this CRM allow you to view data outside the CRM.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM also offers a lead scoring and list building/validation feature that helps the user prioritize the leads. Another important feature is the set of social listening tools that allow you to learn what your contacts are tweeting about and know the customers’ interests and needs.

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 plan starts from $210 per user per month and includes finance and operations, retail, talent, sales, customer service, project service automation, field service, Microsoft Social Engagement, and PowerApps. There are cheaper plans that offer a limited set of features for specific needs. For example, the Customer Engagement Plan (only) is priced at $115 per month per user.

We are a Microsoft Dynamics Partner and have been helped a number of enterprises, medium and small businesses to deploy, implement, customize their Dynamics 365 CRM.

3. Zoho

Zoho CRM is an ideal CRM system for small to midsize businesses. It can integrate with several existing software solutions including Google Docs, Microsoft Office, and Sharepoint. With this, businesses can connect with their customers through multiple channels to include live chat, phone, email, and social media.

Zoho CRM provides real-time visitor alerts, lead prediction, and gamification. You also get real-time notifications for email opens, website visits, campaign activity, social mentions, and more. The interface offers sales and marketing automation, product configuration and reporting, customer support with a help desk, and customer analytics.

Zoho CRM is available for free for up to 3 users and paid plans start from $12 per month per user.

4. Zendesk

Zendesk is another CRM system that is open and flexible enough to integrate with your mobile app. Apart from providing customer support, sales automation, and customer engagement functions, it provides a 24/7 community and knowledge base to help users make the most of this CRM. Available for all small, medium to large enterprises, Zendesk CRM is ideal for industries such as finance, media, retail, healthcare, telecom, manufacturing, and government organizations.

Zendesk Sell platform is available for $19 per month for up to three users.

5. NetSuite

Oracle’s NetSuite CRM for small and mid-size businesses offers a real-time, 360-degree view of customers. This CRM caters to a wide range of industries to include wholesale distribution, retail, manufacturing, and media/publishing.

It offers versatile features to include campaign management, lead management, partner relationship management, case management, opportunity management, knowledge management, customer service management, time tracking, incentive compensation, reporting and analytics, customer portal, sales force automation, sales forecasting, marketing automation, email marketing, real-time dashboards, time tracking, and web to lead forms.

Besides the basic CRM features, NetSuite CRM also supports order management, commissions, sales forecasting, and integrated e-commerce capabilities. For sales, it supports and streamlines data management and process flow in all stages from lead generation to conversion and customer support.

6. Freshsales

Freshsales is an easy-to-use CRM solution. It offers in-app videos and tutorials to help users. It integrates with Freshdesk, Segment event tracking, and Google Calendar.

It offers a 360-degree customer view with the option to access customers’ social profiles and identify customer’s touchpoints, from a single screen. It enables in-app tracking and a timeline view of potential customers’ activities. Freshsales CRM allows sales lead tracking, sales management, and event tracking.

Freshsales CRM enables lead management and automated lead assignment to the sales personnel in the team. It helps the sales team identify territories with potential business. It allows smart-forms and appointment scheduling.

It offers users the option to make quick calls from the CRM system with a simple click. It also allows viewing conversation history, automatically logs calls, and provides call transfers to the right team members. It offers comprehensive phone activity reports, email tracking, sending personalized bulk emails, and monitoring activities on these emails.

Besides, Freshsales provides highly customized reports to include visual sales reports, revenue analytics, sales activity reports, sales cycle/velocity reports, trendline reports, and many more.

Freshsales CRM offers a free plan and then paid plans that start from $12 per month per user. The paid plans include email, phone, and chat support.

7. Bitrix24

Bitrix24 CRM solutions help businesses organize and track interactions with customers and clients. It allows the users to log and manage client interactions, capture and store lead data, generate sales reports, and perform customer segmentation.

Bitrix24 CRM offers a high-utility sales funnel functionality to include an overview of sales transactions at all stages. With the sales dashboard, the sales team can have quick access to deals won and even compare ratings of sales team members.

Besides, this CRM helps users create message templates and send individual or group emails to leads and contacts. Also, users can capture notes on client interactions, schedule meetings, and assign tasks to the team members.

With Bitrix24 CRM, users can also create personalized invoices for clients by automatically inserting client information and the CRM enables sending these invoices directly to the client’s email address from the records.

Bitrix24 offers a free starter plan for up to 12 users and then paid plans starting from $12 per month per user.

8. Pipedrive

Pipedrive CRM is another popular customer relationship management solution that helps businesses manage customers and sales better. It offers an efficient, user-friendly overview of the company’s sales pipeline.

It allows the users to view upcoming calls and meetings, tackle unread emails and overdue activities, and add/edit activities. Sales personnel can find leads, deals, and contact information. Users can also view deal timelines. It enables the sales team to see the caller IDs and even get follow-up note prompts. The activity and goal feature enables users to track the pending activities in each pipeline.

Pipedrive helps streamline every step and action involved in converting a potential deal into a conversion. Besides, it offers custom sales reporting tools that enable the sales team to monitor individual and team targets, analyze sales data, and generate visual reports.

Pipedrive offers seamless integration with Outlook, Gmail, and Yahoo. Also, this CRM solution integrates with various leading CRM tools to enable transferring contact details, communication history, and other information across applications.

Apart from lead and pipeline management, other significant features of Pipedrive CRM include a custom dashboard, collaboration tools, calendar/task, forecasting and analytics, reporting, contact management, file management, and sales automation.

Pipedrive CRM offers a free version and paid plans starting from $12.5 per user per month.

9. Apptivo

Apptivo CRM offers a great customer relationship management solution for financial and supply chain business. The financial app and the ledger app offer accounting and financial features to include expense reports, invoices, estimates, and a ledger. It enables users to record and track assets, liabilities, revenue, and expenses. The supply chain application of Apptivo CRM offers a one-place solution for procurement, purchase order, and shipping process.

With this CRM, businesses can easily manage the leads, convert the same into opportunities, and track potential revenue through the sales pipeline and performance graphs. It enables the users to automatically collect leads on the stored email address. It provides easy tracking of important details from the records.

It also offers a help-desk solution called Cases that helps businesses manage customer feedback and resolve issues with ease.

Apptivo CRM has a free version for up to 3 users. The paid plans start from $8 per user per month.

10. Nutshell

Nutshell offers an affordable, easy-to-use CRM solution for businesses that integrates with many third-party apps and services. This CRM offers all the tools and features needed from lead to conversion. Besides, it provides analytics and business intelligence functionality and an extensive customer support feature.

Nutshell CRM aids businesses with pipeline management, sales automation, contact management, performance tracking/reporting, and team management.

With Nutshell CRM solutions, the sales team can monitor deals, identify gaps in the pipeline, measure sales performance, and analyze metrics to improve sales. It aids the sales team with everyday tasks, streamlining workflows, managing follow-ups.

Nutshell CRM offers paid plans starting from $19 per month per user.

11. OnePageCRM

Built for consulting and professional services companies, OnePageCRM is famous for its follow-up features and simple interface. This CRM transforms a static A to Z database into a dynamic to-do list. You can set tasks and reminders next to every client and send timely communications.

In OnePageCRM, all contact information is displayed on one scrollable page. You don’t need to switch between different tabs to piece everything together. Contact details, notes, call results, pending and closed deals, upcoming and past interactions, emails — everything is stored in one place.

Besides its powerful contact management features, OnePageCRM also has a variety of tools for sales. You can manage a pipeline in the Kanban view, use the Forecasting view to predict sales revenue, create pre-saved lists of products and services, send automatically generated sales quotes, and much more.

OnePageCRM is one of the most affordable CRM solutions for small businesses and solopreneurs. It has a 21-day free trial and its pricing starts from $9.95 per user per month.

To Summarize

“The purpose of business is to create and keep a customer.”

– Peter Drucker

Well, CRM solutions help businesses achieve this purpose! CRMs offer numerous perks for customers to include improving customer services, personalized attention to customers, and enhancing customer knowledge about the business.

For businesses, a good CRM solution offers time-saving and profitability by enabling automation of processes, better tracking/management of sales, customer segmentation, enhancing the ability to target profitable customers, customizing products and services, improving customer service, managing marketing campaigns, and more.

Based on your business needs, choose the best CRM to integrate with your next mobile app and reshape the future of your business!


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