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Facial and image recognition APIs have changed the world around us. Most importantly, these provide us a secure experience. The biometric access system at our workplace is the simplest example of this! With so much utility that the facial and image recognition has, there is already a huge market for face recognition worldwide that is […]

The digital transformation of business is the process of integrating digital technology into all spheres of your business. It is a completely operational and cultural change aimed to deliver the best to the customer by leveraging trending digital technology. Statista predicts that digital transformation global market revenue is expected to amount to 2.3 trillion USD […]

Blockchain technology is gaining immense popularity due to the security it promises along with many other advantages. Businesses have realized the importance of blockchain and the market it is expected to create in the coming years. Blockchain is the future of business apps. So, business owners and app development companies need to keep up-to-date about […]