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Understanding the Importance of App Monetization and In-App Advertising, Exploring Different Strategies and Revenue Models In today’s digital age, mobile applications have become an integral part of our lives. From entertainment and productivity to health and finance, there seems to be an app for everything. However, building and maintaining these apps requires a considerable investment […]

Emotion detection is the process of recognizing or identifying different human emotions to include happiness, sadness, surprise, disgust, fear, anger, neutral, and more. With changes in the emotional state, a person’s body-language changes altogether. There are visible changes in facial expressions, speech, gestures, movements, etc. These parameters or body language traits are leveraged for automatic […]

CRM or Customer Relationship Management Solutions are applications that help a company manage interactions with their potential or existing customers and understand them well. This helps improve business relationships with customers. Good CRM solutions contribute to enhancing customer satisfaction and retention and thus improve sales. Multiple types of CRM solutions can be utilized by businesses […]

Microservices is a term used for the concept of breaking down applications into smaller components that work together. With this break-down, the application becomes easier to build and maintain as each component is then independently developed and separately maintained. Microservices offer the benefits of developer independence, isolation, scalability, and lifecycle automation to applications. Containerization is […]

Cloud data hosting has numerous benefits for businesses. Clouds offer efficient and low-cost data hosting and storage solutions. Additional benefits of cloud data hosting include data mobility, scalability, disaster recovery, and most importantly data security. That is the reason why businesses are rapidly opting for cloud data hosting. Cloud data is accessible from everywhere. Most […]

Blue Whale Apps is pleased to share that Clutch has recognized us as a Market Leader for App Development in its 2019 report. In 2018 also, Blue Whale Apps was recognized as an industry leader for the Miami region.

Redux is the buzzword used to build innovative mobile as well as web applications that run in different environments, are consistent and are easy to test. It is a predictable state container which can be clubbed with any other JavaScript front-end development framework or with Vanilla JavaScript.