Top 5 Free Must-Have Social Networking Apps That Can Transform Your Life!

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Apps are a part of our day-to-day life now. We all use different categories of apps based on our needs. While some of us are interested in finance apps, some need healthcare apps, and many of us use education apps routinely.

One category of apps that is most popular worldwide and everybody uses presently, is social networking apps. Social networking is an integral part of our lives and this is made easy by social networking apps.

“Social networking helps reach people easier and quicker.” – Bill Cosby

With the ease of all-day online interaction, social networking apps make us understand people and their life, well. People of all age groups use these. Don’t we all have one or more social-networking apps in our smartphones?

Today, our life is incomplete without these social networking apps. So, here is an overview of the top 5 must-have social networking apps that you cannot afford to miss!

1. Facebook

Facebook is a very popular, complete social networking app. It has gained vast popularity being the first complete social networking app and one of its kind due to its vast range of social networking features.

This social networking platform helps us connect with our relatives, friends, and long-lost acquaintances with ease. Here you can share your thoughts or announce important events of your life.

With Facebook, apart from the regular social networking activities, you can also help the community by raising funds and giving donations.

Facebook is not just limited to social networking but offers an E-commerce platform too. It enables you to buy and sell things conveniently on Facebook Marketplace.

A high-functionality app like Facebook would take around 2800 to 3100 hours to develop. Facebook supports more than 30 languages. It is free and offers in-app purchases.

2. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the most popular apps or the leader when it comes to professional social networking. It stands out from other social networking platforms for unique features that help you connect with professional communities and find jobs or potential candidates for your business, with ease. This is the main reason for its widespread success.

It helps you create your professional network, find people and connect with them. It allows you to find jobs and apply them with ease. LinkedIn enables creating your profile, networking with people in similar professions, job search, and getting news from your industry. You can create your professional profile to include your details and everything that can help prospective employers gauge your suitability for the job.

LinkedIn provides a user-friendly blogging interface that supports articles and multimedia. LinkedIn also has a chatbot to solve users’ queries.

The list of features offered by the LinkedIn app is endless. The prominent features include introductions, references, skill endorsement, network suggestions, recommendations, unique profile links, notifications, in-mail messages, real-time conversations, and chats. It facilitates businesses to create a company page and get review analytics.

It allows you to get group suggestions and join groups. You can find trending topics via the newsfeed or homepage feed. You can find jobs and people (potential candidates) easily with keyword search, advanced people searches, search categories, and advanced search filters.

An app similar to LinkedIn takes around 1500 to 2000 hours to develop. LinkedIn supports more than 20 languages. It is a free app and it offers in-app purchases. The premium or paid version offers extra features to include lead builder, sales alerts, and reference search.

3. Pinterest

Pinterest is a visual discovery engine or an inspiration platform where you can post or pin images or videos to others’ boards or to your own. On Pinterest, you get Pins or ideas that people create, find, and save from around the web.

On the home feed, you can find Pins, people, and brands based on your interests discovered through your recent activity. You can also comment on Pins.

Pinterest allows you to follow people, topics, and boards. You get a search bar to search for ideas of your interest using keywords. You can share your creativity and get numerous design ideas on Pinterest to include healthy recipes and home design ideas. It even allows you to shop.

Pinterest is a platform used widely by businesses to create brand awareness. Businesses can use this to generate new leads and increase their sales. Pinterest, commonly used for generating backlinks by businesses, is one of the largest traffic drivers across the globe.

It should take around 700 to 900 hours to build an app like Pinterest. This social networking platform, Pinterest, is available for free and supports 30 languages.

4. WhatsApp

The list of top social networking apps cannot be complete without WhatsApp! This, as we all know, is a complete call and messaging app that helps us socialize one-to-one or within groups. It helps you find people with ease and quickly connect with them.

With WhatsApp, you can send and receive photos, videos, documents, and voice messages. You can exchange messages with friends or chat with multiple people at a time with group chats. It allows you free calling with friends and family even across borders.

With WhatsApp, you are always logged in with your mobile and can even get offline messages later if your mobile is switched off for a while. WhatsApp works as simply as SMS and you don’t face the hassle of logging in and out. This convenience is the main reason for its immense success.

An app like WhatsApp can take around 750 to 900 hours to develop. WhatsApp is a free app and supports 39 languages.

5. Topface – Dating and Chat

Today, a lot of singles are finding their soulmates through dating apps. Topface is one of the most popular apps for dating.

This is a dating app with a chat facility. It enables singles to connect and know each other or flirt! It helps you find interesting people, girls or guys with similar interests and hobbies all around the world.

If you are lonely and single, you can use this app to make new friends, keep in touch, and gradually create a long-lasting relationship. So, never feel lonely again with Topface Dating and Chat App.

An app like Topface may take around 1200 to 1500 hours to develop. Topface is free and offers in-app purchases. It does offer extra features on paid subscriptions. It supports 10 languages.

Curious to Know How Much It Costs to Develop Such Apps?

Multiple factors are involved in working out the costs and time estimation of such high-featured apps. Both time invested and per-hour costs vary a lot. If you wish to get an overview of how much time it takes and how much is the cost incurred in building apps, check out our recent blog-post, “How Much Will Mobile App Development Cost in 2020?”

To Summarize

When we are feeling down and lonely, a few good words from an acquaintance or even a stranger can help us rejuvenate. Social networking is an integral part of our life; it is a necessity as it helps maintain our psychological well-being. Social networking apps have made it easy for us to socialize and stay in touch with people even with time and distance constraints.

In today’s world, if we don’t meet our friends for days or weeks, they would probably be too busy to notice, but if we don’t show up on social networking platforms (just try once!), friends find it important to contact us and confirm our well-being. This is the impact created by social networking apps!

Social networking apps help us share and create memories for the future. Whatever we share there, stays there forever, leaving our footprints on the sands of time. So, if you are still not using these social networking apps, you are missing a lot of fun! So, download these apps and get closer to the people who make your life better.

With such popularity among the masses, such apps offer a lucrative business opportunity. Wish to get one such app created for your business? We at Blue Whale Apps will be glad to help!


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