UX is the new UI – The right way to amplify sales

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How well brands communicate with their audiences is determined not by how well they say things, but how well they are understood!
It’s a highly competitive world out there and just having a good idea is not enough for brands to reach greater heights, execution is also equally important.  If you are looking to outperform your peers and stand out from the crowd – the key ingredient to make your brand success is “The User Experience – UX”.

What is UX?

UX often termed as User experience, is the experience by the customer who directly interacts with the product. The purpose of UX is to enhance this experience in order to deliver full customer satisfaction.
It makes for the foundation of an enterprise on a macro-level bridging the gap between the user demand and the product company deliveries. Being intangible, UX is the process behind brainstorming the end product which in turn amplifies a brand’s success story.

Why should we consider UX before UI?

UX is present in almost every corporation or start-up in every industry or vertical. There is an endless number of ways brands can reach out to their audiences and give them that memorable experience. While UX and UI both have a significant relationship in the success of a business, in today’s competitive world, UX is the new UI.

With new capabilities emerging in the market like big data, AI, and machine learning, businesses are moving from a simple UI interface perspective to UX. It enables them to understand their customers on a deeper level and implement design techniques accordingly to avoid wastage of resources after a product that has excellent functionality but fails to resonate with the audience.

UI is like the aspect of the product or service, but UX is the foundation – the brain behind the operations that get your users genuinely interested in your brand.

How can UX help increase sales?

Yes, you heard that right, UX does help in increasing sales, if done effectively! Many giants in the industry, for example, Amazon, increased their sales by approximately 29% by just adding customer product recommendations to the already browsed items. This UX-born feature not only accelerated their conversion rate by approximately 60% but also became the defining aspect of their success today. Mind-boggling, isn’t it?

UX is shaping the way brands interact with the digital world and almost everyone in the industry is boarding the UX train. Many forward-thinking companies today believe that UX is the core principle of their business driving sales, conversion rates, enhancing customer experience and affecting the bottom line by reducing the operational costs and accelerating revenue. Driven by highly-informed consumers, UX enables corporations to face a unique set of challenges in an increasingly complex digital marketplace efficiently.

UX is much more than just what user experiences on the website. It encompasses complete customer experience right from when customers hear about your brand, makes the first purchase and if you are lucky, stays loyal for long. The website is the main form of communication and to optimize user experience, it’s time businesses examine the UX temperature of their website for that added value.

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