UX or UI – Which One Is Better For The Next Design Project?

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What precisely is UI and UX design, and what is the contrast between the two? Essentially putting, UI is what things look like, UX is the way things work. UX is a process, while UI is a deliverable. So both UX and UI are significant for the accomplishment of an application.

Keep in mind that UX isn’t UI and while the two disciplines share (very few) common traits, they do have some contrasts.

What is User Interface Design?

UI is frequently mistaken for being same as UX however in actuality they’re altogether different. It is like comparing the blueprint of a house to the finished product. UI and UX surely work together, yet they can’t be lumped together as one.

Let’s make a better picture of what being a UI designer involves:

As a User Interface Design, your part is principally identified with realistic/visual front-end design. Your principle consideration is on enhancing the general feel of the application and the manner in which it is laid out. Discussing the expected set of responsibilities, you are essentially engaged with outlining the pages which will be utilized by the end client for communicating with the product. What’s more, you would likewise be responsible for guaranteeing that the UI is visually conveying the way that has been intended to use for direct users.

What is User Experience Design?

User Experience is several disciplines stuffed into one. From statistical surveying, analysis, wire framing, and prototyping, to testing, design, and undertaking project management – UX designers complete a considerable measure of work.
Also, despite the fact that it does not have a solitary standard definition that clarifies it completely, consider UX plan as the act of expanding an application its utility.

Knowing the difference between UX AND UI


  • Focus on the visual aspects of the application
  • Create the individual “moments” where potential customers deal with that segment
  • More of technical capabilities and graphic design knowledge
  • Mostly built on more of a standardized process (yet with plenty of room for creativity)


  • Focus on the “big picture” or conceptual view of how people like to utilize that particular product or application
  • Plan the emotions, features, and benefits that users will experience at every level of that application or brand
  • Envision the journey of potential and how they utilize on a daily basis
  • UX design is extremely user research and data analysis intensive

What to leverage on UX or UI and when?

An institutionalized meaning of where and how to leverage while building up your site is written on no stone. However, we can identify the elements concerning your site’s prosperity, and whether that coincides with the UI front or UX.

  • Clear Navigation– An alluring and guided perusing knowledge can be made by great UI design. UX has moderately little part to play with this element as it manages the last layers of web design.
  • Ease of utilization– This element is manufactured in a well ordered request in the skeleton of a site. The user should be guided to his/her desired information as effortlessly as possible. This can be achieved with field research, usability testing, and prototyping; all of which is a part of UX.
  • User engagement– An outcome accomplished by utilizing research on target clients and applying the inferred result into designing. It is a segment of UX.
  • Responsiveness – Designing cross-platform sites is an absolute necessity in the present versatile world. This element depends vigorously on the UI.

UI and UX designing, unitedly, is a necessary part for any site. UX envelops the hidden executions of a framework and isn’t restricted to the appearance. The appearance is made with UI. All things considered, UX is a client’s whole involvement with a framework. Thus, we can derive that UX qualifies as the more vital field, yet UI is not behind.


Regardless of whether there duties are isolated or not, user experience and user interface design are significant in making a sound, quality application — a product that looks delightful, that raises feelings, and one that is a joy to utilize.


Our technical translator, Josh helps our development team see the big picture, by translating your business requirements into developer speak. His strategic solutions and long-term vision are what guide a successful project execution. And he’s also big on CrossFit.

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