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In today’s fast-paced business landscape, customer experience reigns supreme. To stay ahead of the curve, companies are turning to the dynamic duo of Data Engineering and Data Analytics to revolutionize the way they understand and cater to their customers. In this blog, we explore how the synergy between these two realms is reshaping the customer […]

Customer experience (CX) is becoming increasingly important for companies to stand out from the competition. Providing a seamless, personalized customer journey drives loyalty, word-of-mouth marketing, and growth. Data plays a crucial role in understanding customers and delivering better experiences. Specifically, data engineering and analytics can elevate CX in powerful ways. Data Engineering Enables CX Behind […]

Do you think our computers and mobile devices understand us? It may seem like a strange question to ask, but we’re much closer to achieving a level of interpretation that appears similar to the abilities of humans. Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a subfield at the intersection of machine learning, linguistics and computer science that’s […]

Technology has fueled almost every aspect of our lives. E-commerce is no anomaly. Machine Learning is a part of artificial intelligence which has opened up numerous prospects for businesses to serve customers in a smarter way. What is ML? Machine Learning is about making machines learn things on their own without human intervention or any […]

Emotion detection is the process of recognizing or identifying different human emotions to include happiness, sadness, surprise, disgust, fear, anger, neutral, and more. With changes in the emotional state, a person’s body-language changes altogether. There are visible changes in facial expressions, speech, gestures, movements, etc. These parameters or body language traits are leveraged for automatic […]

Facial and image recognition APIs have changed the world around us. Most importantly, these provide us a secure experience. The biometric access system at our workplace is the simplest example of this! With so much utility that the facial and image recognition has, there is already a huge market for face recognition worldwide that is […]

Machine learning (ML) is the ability of computers to discover or learn patterns from the data available and imitate the same. Data patterns help the machines learn and derive similar conclusions, on their own. For the successful use of machine learning, machines need lots of data. If there is enough data available, the ML results […]

Computers can learn patterns and imitate the same. This is the concept behind machine learning. We come across numerous such examples of machine learning as in gaming, voice recognition, autocomplete features in our email, etc. If a particular industry has enough historical data to help the machine “learn”, machine learning or ML can produce magical […]

So, the other day when I was surfing through a famous e-commerce site, I saw a super cool pair of earplugs but unfortunately skipped on ordering it. After a few days when I revisited that site, I noticed the same pair of earplugs followed throughout my surfing journey. By chance, I see an ad pop-up […]

With the advent of machines, mankind and machines have become inseparable. The way machines have become an integral part of our everyday lives, it would not be an exaggeration to call this period The Machine Age. This opened avenues for artificial intelligence technologies like machine learning and deep learning that brought machines and humans closer. […]