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As I write, there are over 1.2 million confirmed cases in the U.S and over 3.6 million confirmed cases worldwide, possibly more. There are over 62K confirmed deaths in US alone (source: John Hopkins Uni). The spread, started from Wuhan, China, has grappled pretty much every country in the world. Now is the time to […]

With the dependence on technology worldwide, cybersecurity is becoming a serious concern. According to Statista, the global cybersecurity market size is expected to grow over USD 248 billion by 2023 (Source). Today, artificial intelligence is gaining immense popularity for its contributions to cybersecurity. AI helps in cybersecurity in three major ways or stages to include […]

AI is the next ‘big’ thing in technology. In the last few years, the technology world has witnessed enormous growth of Artificial Intelligence technology. Having seen the exceptional strengths and promising potential to transform businesses for betterments, startups as well as enterprises, have begun to embrace the AI technology to level up their businesses.

Successful branding is so much more than a cool logo or packaging, it is all about brand strategies, engaging with the target audience and retaining them. Customer retention has always been a bigger challenge for organizations across all industries.